Lion’s Den – (80 Sqm)

The Lion’s Den Studio is our Pride of our studios here @ Urban Jungle. A beautiful acoustically treated open studio space featuring high-ceilings, air-conditioning, full soundproofing and mirrored walls.

Controlled lighting paired with the option for natural light allows for a wide variety of uses; complimenting dance & fitness training, music production, photography and even events, workshop and small concerts. Backdrop mounts, PA audio system and ceiling suspension points also available.



Cliffs – (65 Sqm)

The Cliffs Studio is our most diverse studio at Urban Jungle. This stunning 65sqm space boasts a raised stage area on one end, and a fully mirrored wall along the other.

The Cliffs studio is both impressive and diverse. This 65 square meter studio has a small raised stage at one end and a full mirrored wall on the other. Fully air-conditioned, soundproofed and internal acoustic treatment pairs perfectly with fitness classes, band rehearsals, hands-on masterclasses, training, photography and small productions.



WaterHole – (30 Sqm)

Our ‘Waterhole’ Studio is Urban Jungles’ principal production studio. Available for dry-hire or after-hours space hire. Acoustically treated, soundproofed, air-conditoned and professionally kitted and furnished, this studio is ideal for production/mastering sessions, recording, music tutoring, podcast/audio hosting and one-on-one lessons. 



TreeTops – (35 Sqm)

Our Treetops Studio is our designated Portrait Photography studio; available to hire as a raw space or with additional in-house equitment. (

Treetops is soundproofed, air-conditioned, naturally bright and open and it’s ‘blank canvas’, raw space makes a diverse studio perfectly suited to photography, art classes, small yoga & fitness groups and smaller band rehearsals.

(This studio hosts our weekly Jungle Photo Club shoots every Thursday – ).